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Tumaris open-heart surgery

Tumaris open-heart surgery lasted 7.5 hours. Then, as a two-month-old baby, the surgery was performed by the famous French heart surgeon Olivier Baron, invited by the Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva Foundation “You Are Not Alone” to Tashkent to help treat children with congenital heart disease from low-income families and orphanages.

“The diagnosis of our newborn daughter was unexpected for us. Doctors said that in order to save a child’s life, she needs to be operated in a very short time, and that surgery of such complexity are possible only abroad, says Zarnigor, mother of Tumaris. – My husband is a typical worker, I am a housewife. And we did not have enough money. And then my husband and I decided to try to find help via the Internet, where we found information about the Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva Foundation “You Are Not Alone”. We immediately arrived from Gijduvan to Tashkent, collected all the necessary documents to Foundation, we had a hope for the daughter’s recovery. ”

The heart of Tumaris was operated on in September 2016 in Tashkent.

Zarnigor remembers: “I told myself that I have no right to cry, because my daughter is alive. This is exactly what I repeated during the surgery, which, it seemed to me, lasted for ages. ”
Today Tumaris is already three years old. This is a happy girl who is preparing to go to nursery school.

Up to date, with the financial support of the You Are Not Alone Foundation, leading French doctors have performed more than 110 complicated heart operations for children from Mercy houses and low-income families in Uzbekistan, 20 of which were performed in France in a pediatric Clinic of Nantes.